A Failing Heating and Cooling System…Know the Signs

Many of us are practitioners of procrastination. We delay
the boring or expensive homeowner tasks or purchases until we are absolutely
forced to deal with them. For instance, replacing an old furnace system verses
going to Europe…a no brainer. Europe, here we come. The furnace may survive
another season, but we may not have another chance to see Rome!


But what if your old, trusty furnace is gasping its last
breath, Winter is right around the corner and you’ve been ignoring the signs? And,
what are the signs? How do you know if the death, or major repair, of your
system is eminent?

Consider the following guidelines:

If your furnace is between 15 and 20 years old (or older),
it may be time to replace it. As a furnace ages, it becomes less efficient and
any attempts at revival will just waste money.

Are you hearing strange noises like clanking or
scraping? This could indicate an immediate need for repair or replacement.

Is the temperature in your home uneven, or do
you have ‘cold spots’? You may have restricted air flow from a blocked heat
register or dirty filters. But if you’ve cleared obstructions and cleaned or
replaced filters, and the problems still exists, then the ductwork may be
obstructed and need to be cleared. Expensive!

Are your energy bills suddenly soaring without
reason? If Grandma moves in and your heating bill increases, it’s probably the
result of her need for heat. But if, after ruling out all of the possible reasons
for the increase, you still have unexplained spikes in your heating bill, it’s
probably time for a new system.

Is the repair technician now considered a close,
personal friend because he or she comes to your home so frequently? And, are many of
the repairs repetitious? It’s time to buy a new system. In the long run, you’ll save energy, time and money.

Listen to your furnace. A furnace that appears
to run constantly may be a sign of decreased efficiency. Also a sign that it
needs to be replaced.

 After a dramatic drop (or increase) in outdoor temperatures,
suddenly changing the heating or cooling demand on a furnace can really strain
a system. Take action now to prevent system failure and guarantee comfort throughout
the changing seasons.

 Consider switching to a ductless whole-home heating and
cooling solution. The benefits of ductless are numerous.

Ductless means…No ductwork! Duct work collects
dirt and needs to be cleaned. Duct work decreases a system’s efficiency by 30 percent!

Ductless is one of the most energy efficient
heating and cooling systems

Ductless helps you save money on monthly utility

Ductless is easy to install with a qualified

Ductless systems come with lots of design

Ductless systems can heat and cool a small area,
or an entire home

Ductless systems are very affordable due to
incentives and financing options

Don’t wait until your system is on its last legs, and it’s
gasping its last breath. If your heating and cooling system is showing any of
the warning signs, call a qualified ductless heating and cooling contractor.
Make sure that you get a bid from at least two or three different contractors
who have proven experience with sizing and installing ductless systems. A good
source for recommended installers can be a local utility website.

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