Ductless Heat Pumps Supplement Existing HVAC Systems

Ductless Heat Pumps are often installed to replace an existing zonal heating/cooling system such as electric baseboard/wall units, wood stoves and other space heaters such as propane and kerosene. But, they can also be used zonally in an area of your space to supplement existing heating or cooling and increase overall comfort.

Single Rooms

Zonal temperature control with a Ductless Heat Pump is perfect for additions, garage conversions, home gyms, or older homes with limited ducting. It is also a great option for any home with hot and/or cold spots that can never quite reach a comfortable temperature regardless of the central thermostat setting. Maybe there is that room over the garage that is always too hot or cold, or grandma’s room that could use some extra warmth. A single “head”, or air handler, can easily make all the rooms in your space comfortable and do it efficiently too.


Older homes with a central furnace but no A/C can be cooled in the summer months with a Ductless Heat Pump in the upstairs space. When an existing furnace is working just fine for the winter, but cool air is needed for the summer, these two systems can work together to cool the entire home. This is accomplished by using the blower fan on the existing furnace while operating your Ductless Heat Pump in cooling mode. As heat rises, the warmest air upstairs is cooled by the DHP and the fan on the central furnace circulates the cool air around the entire home. This is a much less expensive option than installing a central A/C unit, and a much more efficient use of energy.

Share the Load

Using a Ductless Heat Pump as a supplemental heating and cooling source also prolongs the life of your existing system, whether it be a furnace or zonal heating. Less demand is placed on your current system and it does not have to work as hard to maintain your thermostat’s temperature. So not only are you more comfy and cozy in your own home, but you are also saving money.

If you would like to learn more about zonal temperature control in your space,contact us to schedule a free estimate.

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