Ductless Heat Pumps Keep Your Indoor Air Clean!

Do you like clean air in your indoor space? Well, you are in luck because Ductless Heat Pumps are not only great for heating and cooling, but they can also filter your home’s air.

With the great benefits of comfort and energy efficiency, air filtration is often over looked. But Ductless Heat Pumps come standard with dust filters, and many also include both anti-allergen and deodorizing filters. These additional filters can help keep harmful allergens out of your air and help minimize odors from things like food and pets.

These filters are constantly utilized due the the variable speed technology built into all Ductless Heat Pumps. This means the unit rarely quits moving air throughout your home or business, so high tech filtration is taking place all the time. The air in your space is kept clean a odor free!

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, or have a family member who does, a Ductless Heat Pump System can help provide your home with clean air that can make for a healthier home environment and a more comfortable allergy season for all.

Contact us to learn more about installing a Ductless System in your home or business.

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