Do I Need a Mini-Split in Every Room?

If you’ve decided to have a ductless mini-split system installed in your home, there are a range of benefits you have to look forward to. Some of the most common include lower electrical bills, lower heating and cooling bills, improved energy efficiency, quieter operation, improved home comfort and greater durability.

During the process, one question that will come up is “do I need a mini-split in every room?” Keep reading to find out the best way to proceed.

Do You Need A Mini-Split In Every Room?

The truth is, it depends.

This is because houses are different, ranging in size, the number of rooms and floors and other factors that affect the heating and cooling system.

The simple answer is that an entire single level home with proper air flow can be served with the right sized single zone unit. This set up works best when you keep your doors open to allow air to reach every room. And certainly, if you just want to heat and cool a small room (not the whole house), i.e. a bedroom turned new office space or reclaiming a room in the attic, you can just add a small single zone system and get the results you need.

When You Need a Multi-Zone Ductless System

Multi-zone systems are best when there is more than one level or you want more control over the temperature of individual rooms instead of a one-temperature fits all.

For example, we used a single zone unit for our entire home and kept the doors to our bedrooms open all the time. But last summer, we changed to a multi-zone system so we could add a unit to our back office where we found ourselves spending more time. Because we were spending more time there we wanted to be able to control the temperature in that room individually as it is the farthest away from our main unit. We also used the multi-zone compressor to add an indoor unit to our basement. Prior to doing that, we had two single zone compressors-one for up and one for down.

So you don’t need a mini-split unit in every room, unless you want individual control in every room. That’s when you would need a multi-zone compressor.‍

A trusted Ductless Heating and Cooling Master Installer will be able to help guide you through this decision making process to ensure your needs are met and you are getting the right sized unit for your home.

The Cost of Ductless Heat Pumps with Multiple Mini-Splits

As you begin to look at your upcoming heating and cooling duct project for your home, you may start to wonder about the price of the system if you do need a mini-split for every room.

In Washington, the cost of ductless heat pumps typically starts at around $8,000 (including installation costs).

Single-zone systems cost less to install than multi-zone, and are less complex to install, but if you want whole-house cooling and heating on a room-to-room basis, then multi-zone offers what you need and it will be a larger investment.

Installing a Mini-Split In Every Room

Ductless installation is quick – typically about half a day, less hassle means less costs to install, which then translates to more savings for the homeowners.

Because a multi-split system is so energy efficient, many local utility companies offer substantial rebates to those choosing ductless, rewarding customers for their environmental stewardship. Connect with our customer team, or what we like to call “comfort specialists” here at Alpine Ductless so we can help you locate both utility and manufacturer rebates in your area.

Putting It All Together

Ductless systems are great options for many homes. However, it’s important to ensure you are choosing the right size system for your home and your needs to get the most out of the comfort a ductless heating and cooling system can give you. Further, having a professional involved from the beginning allows them to ensure that your system is installed correctly.

Contact Alpine Ductless to discuss if a Ductless Heating and Cooling System is right for you.

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