Are There Any Discounts Or Rebates Available For My Mini Split Installation Cost?

Investing in the installation of a mini-split ductless heating and cooling system can cost an average of about $8,000+. Even though you’ll also see some impressive energy savings from your new mini-split over time, it’s a good idea to look for ways to save on your installation costs up front. One of the best savings options is looking at the available mini-split installation rebates or discounts. Here we delve into how you can save on your mini split installation costs.  

Local Utility Companies

Washington state recognizes ductless heat pumps as a highly efficient, green-energy heating and cooling choice. With their commitment to energy savings, most Washington utility companies offer significant cash rebates to customers replacing their inefficient heating system with ductless heating and cooling in Olympia, WA and the surrounding area.

At Alpine Ductless, we understand how time-consuming finding and applying for an energy rebate can be. To save you time and money, we find the best possible mini-split rebate for you and apply the deduction directly to your sales order. We then manage the entire rebate process for you.

In past experiences, we’ve helped homeowners get anywhere from $400+ mini-split rebates to $10,000 loans, depending on the county and utility company offering. Again, it can be confusing to find the best mini-split rebate that’s applicable to you. That’s why we manage the process and find the best rebates in your area.

Mini-Split Brand Rebates

Some manufacturing brands, like Daikin, offer rebates to their customers. Not only do they make highly efficient mini-splits, but they also often offer rebates for up to $1000 off select ductless systems. We will help you determine the best brand for your home and find all the available rebate options for your selected system. 

Alpine Ductless

We also love finding ways for our customers to enjoy savings. We actually offer 6 months same as cash (meaning you won’t pay any interest for six months) to qualified buyers through our partners at Generations Credit Union for starters. Our goal is to help our customers understand their options so they can make the most of the savings available.

We know how difficult the rebate process can be. That’s why we process the mini-split rebates for you as part of our service to you. We keep up to date with local rebates and apply the ones that work for your situation.

We’ll present the rebate paperwork to you so you can sign it, and then we apply the deduction directly to your installation sales order. You don’t get caught up in the confusing language, application process, and offer terms. Instead, we do it all. 

Nothing could be easier. Your system is installed, and your part is done. We then submit your rebate paperwork whether it is for a local utility company or your mini-split manufacturer while you’re busy enjoying your new system.*

*Please note that not all utilities have the same requirements. In the event that we are unable to file the rebate for you, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to make the process as easy as possible.

Contact us here or call us at (360) 615-2803 to see if a Ductless Heating system is right for you!

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