Being Grateful in 2017

This New Year’s, we celebrated by being thankful for all the good things that we’ve enjoyed this year. Today, we honored the day by having a traditional family meal with all of the trimmings. It was peaceful, pleasant and in no time, we needed a walk. We ended up going for a walk around a local
lake. The North wind was really kicking up and it was frigid. Despite bundling
up and walking fast, we were quite frozen by the time we were done.

The afternoon sun was fading and the temperature had dropped
a few more degrees as we stood on our porch and unlocked the door. What a great
feeling it was to step into a home that was nice and cozy…no running to the
thermostat to warm things up, while we stand around in our coats and hats
waiting for the ‘heat to kick on’. Our ductless heat pump was already at work,
continuously producing even temperatures. In fact, to turn the temperature down
while we went out would have interfered with the efficiency of the unit. It’s
kind of ‘set it and forget it’ technology. 

When we installed that first ductless heat pump in our own home, I said that it reminded me of the heat that was produced by our old wood-burning furnace that was in my childhood home. But the benefits of having ductless are much better. We enjoy even temperatures all day long; and it’s clean and comfortable (plus no one has to stoke the fire with more wood). And that’s why we decided to start our business of installing ductless.

At the end of the year, we do what all businesses have to
do. We get the books ready to be closed out, prepare tax forms, make projections
for the upcoming year, etc. Lots of numbers. But the other side of the coin is
the human side. We like to think about all of the homes that now have ductless
heat pumps installed. By our count, it’s well past 1,600 homes in the
Northwest. Knowing that all of those people are now enjoying the benefits of these highly
efficient heating and air conditioning systems really warms our hearts. At the
end of this year, we received a letter that confirmed that we’re offering a
product that adds value to peoples’ lives. Here’s a lovely holiday letter that Norm
and Eileen from Port Orchard wrote to our salesperson:

“I’ve lived here for 40 years and have gone through
oil stoves, wood stoves, and the latest gas. 
There were always cold spots in the house, different temperature zones
that I just got used to. This little thing is heating the whole house!  The bedroom is warm, the bathroom is warm, even the kitchen. 
I am amazed, this far exceeded my expectations.Thank you very much.  Have a Merry Christmas and the best of the
coming year to you.”

-Norm and Eileen

So, thank you, Norm and Eileen, for such a nice letter. We’re so glad you’re enjoying your new, comfortable system. Receiving your letter was
a lovely way to end 2016. 

And thanks to all of our customers for letting us
into your homes and demonstrating how ductless heat pumps can enhance your
daily comfort. We are grateful.

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