Alpine Ductless is Always Learning

At Alpine Ductless, we are committed to training and keeping up on current product and vendor information. Recently, Cory, and one of our installers, Chad Axtman, attended an important training event at the Fujitsu Headquarters, in Fairfield, New Jersey. They spent two days learning about product updates, and installation techniques.  They met their counterparts in other ductless heating companies, from around the country.

But it was not all about the lectures and learning! Cory and Chad found time to go into the Big City and be consummate tourists. Here is a shot of the two being rather obvious tourists in Times Square! Can you spot them? They are the two guys holding up their cameras taking a picture of the themselves taking a picture.

The trip was completed with a visit by Cory to his lifelong friend’s childhood home in Bayonne, New Jersey. He stopped by the bar that his friend’s family owned, lived above, and cooked delicious Italian food for, called Massa’s. There, he got a little taste of the local culture in the old neighborhood!

All in all, it was a valuable and enjoyable trip, and one that added to the ‘toolbox’ of knowledge and information. Kind of hoping the next one will be somewhere warm!

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