Year Round Advantages of a Ductless Heat Pump

There are many advantages to owning a Ductless Heat Pump such as energy efficiency or control over temperature output. And, whatever the season may bring, Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling has you covered with a wide variety of ductless options that will suit your home’s special needs. But there are also some specific seasonal perks of going ductless that you may not be aware of, or that bear repeating.

A Ductless System Paired with an Air Purifier Means Cleaner Air

Spring is a time when pollen and other allergens are busting out all over. A ductless system can provide health benefits inside the home by filtering dust and allergens from the continuously circulating air. And when you combine a ductless system with an installed air purifier, even more allergens and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) can be filtered out.

VOC chemicals found in scented products, cleaners and air fresheners present a serious hazard to one’s health, so minimizing their impact can be a huge benefit provided by a ductless system. Some viruses and bacteria can also be eliminated combining a ductless heat pump with an installed air purifier.

HVAC systems are difficult to clean, often requiring a professional. As a result, these hidden ducts tend to get infrequent TLC, accumulate more dirt, pet hair, etc. and redistribute these contaminants throughout the house. However, ductless units have a built in air filter that is simple and economical to maintain. Just remove and wash the unit’s filter under a tap once a month. Then sit back and enjoy the steady supply of cleaner air to your home. Ahhhhhhh….

Health Benefits of a Ductless System

Summer is forest fire season. It’s also the season when smog settles in, blanketing our communities until a welcome reprieve from the rain. With a ductless, when the air quality index is rising toward unhealthy, just escape into your home, and enjoy the cool, clean filtered air. If smoke or smog finds its way inside, your ductless unit will scrub the air clean, filtering outdoor irritants and toxins. You can breath easy knowing your ductless unit is preventing infections, and protecting those with chronic respiratory illnesses or compromised immune systems.

Improved home safety is another attribute that a ductless provides. Installation of window a/c units are often haphazard, without much thought about the safety of those individuals or pets, should the unit become dislodged. Also, a/c window units are magnets for thieves looking to find an easy entre into your home. Safety is never an issue with a ductless system, be it during installation or usage.

Increased Comfort Quick and Easy with a Ductless System

Fall temperatures can vary drastically throughout the day here in Western Washington. You can wake up to a frosty landscape, and by lunchtime be taking off your puffy as the afternoon temperature hovers around 65 degrees. That’s why it’s the land of the layers when outfitting for the great outdoors. Get hot – take it off. Chilly? Put another layer on. It’s all about comfort. With a ductless inverter system it’s easy to switch from heating to cooling/cooling to heating quickly and efficiently, ultimately maintaining a consistent household temperature while eliminating hot or cold spots. The inverter technology in a ductless heat pump makes it easy to stay comfortable whatever the day’s weather mash-up may hold in store.

Saving Money with Ductless Technology

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be bone chilling with its combination of wet and cold. And while utility bills rise, as they do in winter (and summer) ductless saves you money with it’s energy efficient technology. According to Tacoma Public Utilities, ductless systems have been proven to save up to 47% on monthly energy bills over the cost of using electric zonal systems.How does a ductless system accomplish this amazing feat? In a ductless, the inverter technology controls the speed of the compressor motor to regulate the temperature and system’s continuous airflow. Imagine an energy efficient car cruising through the roundabouts versus a gas-guzzler stopping and starting at all the intersections. With a ductless heat pump, it’s an energy sip not an energy suck. And unlike a traditional unitary system that can only bring an entire building to the desired temperature, a ductless system allows you to adjust temperatures on a room-by- room or zone-by-zone basis.

During the winter months, when the weather is nasty, the days are shorter, and more time is spent indoors, our home air quality pays the price. Wood burning stoves or fireplaces, cooking with improper ventilation, pet dander, dust mites, and cigarette smoke all add to contamination of the air we breath in more confined spaces. A ductless system, paired with an installed air purifier, can keep fresher air flowing throughout the home, benefiting the health and well being of all.

Advantage, Ductless

Comfort and lower costs all year round. Better health and safety. Easy installation and utility rebates. Alpine Heating and Cooling is an investment you can’t afford to pass up at any time of the year. We proudly serve the Thurston, Pierce, Mason and Lewis County areas. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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