A Letter From the Team at Alpine Ductless

There is no denying that COVID-19 is more and more becoming a part of our daily lives.

At Alpine Ductless, our clients are a part of the Ductless success and are a part of the Alpine family. And even though things are changing, we still strive for that to continue moving forward.

As a team, we’re having discussions on health safety with our staff, and we’re implementing procedures and policy aimed at protecting your home and family. Be assured we will communicate with our clients every step of the way.

Some things we’re doing:

  • Maintaining safe working distances.
  • Cleaning – we’re already big on keeping projects clean, and now we’re taking it a step further to disinfecting.
  • Following the recommendations of Wa DOH and the CDC to help protect our workplace, employees and customers. – all members of our team and our partners have been notified of the guidelines and we’ve asked them to be socially aware and safe when listening to what their bodies are saying.
  • Offering Ductless Virtual Consultations – you can learn more about the benefits and the cost of a Ductless Heating and Cooling System right from your own home.

We care deeply for our team members, clients, and partners. We do not want to put anyone in a compromising position. That being said, we will also strive for normalcy in our workplace.

What you can expect from our team is communication. You can expect to be updated in a timely manner.

Being a partner in our success we’d ask that you communicate with us as well.  Please do not hesitate to share your family’s condition and desired interaction with our team. If anyone is showing symptoms or has a fever, we expect you’ll let us know.

Thanks for your understanding during this uncertain time. Providing uninterrupted, top notch service will continue to be our highest priority.

It’s a different challenge for our local community than we’ve ever seen.  I say the word community because now, more than ever, it seems as though we’ll need to come together as a community and show our strength and empathy as human beings who are all trying to achieve common goals.

Thank you in advance. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us here.

Cory and Janette

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