10 Years at Alpine Ductless Heating and Cooling

Cheers to 10 Years at Alpine Ductless!

On March 12, 2022, we celebrated 10 years in business! We’ve come a long way since our start ten years ago, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.

Looking Back 

Ten years ago, Cory Eckert and Mike Meisenhiemer came together with an idea to bring the best heating and cooling technology of the world to the Pacific Northwest. Recognizing the significant benefits of ductless heat pumps for homeowners and business owners, and believing the market was set to take off, Cory and Mike decided that Alpine Ductless would approach the market differently. Most HVAC businesses offered ductless heat pumps as just another product. But Cory and Mike chose to focus exclusively on ductless heat pumps. 

Initially focusing on Thurston County, Cory and Mike found themselves to be getting inquiries about the new technologies from surrounding communities, too. They began to install units in Thurston, Mason, Pierce, and Kitsap counties, and then in South King County and even as far as Seattle. In just two years of business, Alpine Ductless had installed over 500 ductless heat pumps in the area. 

In 2016, Mike left Alpine Ductless and Janette stepped in as co-owner soon after.

Reflecting On Today – 10 Years Later

Since our beginning, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped over 3,500 home and business owners become more comfortable and save money on their monthly utility bills. Now, we’re a fully established business with over 16 employees and proud to be celebrating ten years of business as of March 12, 2022. 

“As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary, we’ve been looking back on what we’ve achieved, the customers and employees who put their faith and trust in our small company, and what we’ve learned along the way. As the Ringo Starr song says, ‘You know, it don’t come easy’!

And, there’s nothing like a major pandemic to make you realize just how resilient you can be.

So now, our theme song is another Beatles classic: ‘It’s Gettin’ Better All the Time!’

We wish the same for all of you!”

– Janette Eckert, Co-Owner

As we were 10 years ago, we’re still focused on providing home and business owners with the best in comfort and cooling solutions, and ductless heat pumps. We’re looking forward to the years to come and the new technologies that are more efficient and better on our earth. 

Want to Join Our Team? We’re Hiring! 

We’re a tight-knit group of individuals who are curious, creative, and innovative. Every day, we challenge each other to find new solutions and think differently. Together, we want to do our part in making this world a better place. Ready to help us bring comfortable living and sustainable solutions to all? Join Our Team

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